Thursday, February 5, 2015

Imogne at 2.5

• Very persistent backseat driver. Urges us to run red lights and exceed the speed limit. Good thing she has another 13 years before she gets behind the wheel.
• Has discovered the joys of dress-up and likes to layer every costume she can find.
• Favorite book: If Dinosaurs Came with Everything and Olivia
• Favorite food: macaroni and cheese, the only food she will consistently eat.
• Loves Lucca... a little too much. I often hear her with her head next to Lucca's whispering "I know you so sad, I know, you so sad, I know..." and when I ask why Lucca is sad it's because she misses her toy.
• She often resorts to hitting as a way of communicating with Cedar. She knows just how to push his buttons and she does, often. 
• Has a great twinkly laugh and an adorable smile.
Imogene explaining why she is taking off her shoes in the library...
"They are not liking my sunglasses"
And rather than taking off her sunglasses indoors she decides her shoes need to go.

After changing into the dinosaur costume from the butterfly costume:
Imogene in panic: "I forgot!"
Me: "Forgot what?"
Imogene: "I forgot to stand on one foot!"
And back to the butterfly costume we go.

After Cedar's screaming prompted me to ask Imogene what happened:
"I pulled some hairs out of Cedar's head"

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting the kids ready to go up to the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree...

Rob: Do you think we should bring Lucca to cut down the tree?
Imogene: NOOO! She doesn't have any hands.

Cedar at 4

Cedar at 4: 
• Still loves anything that moves... cars, planes, trains, helicopters.
• Has very specific ideas about how Imogene should play with him. Imogene rarely follows his rules, which leads to much frustration.
• He loves preschool and having Nana as his teacher. We can already see his confidence growing. His favorite part is playing outside.
• All of a sudden Cedar has become interested in coloring and drawing. It has been fun to see what his little imagination come up with. We have entire notebooks full of drawings of sharks eating various sea creatures.
• Really enjoys playing with his friends and is so excited to see them when he can.
• Loves to run. When we go to the park he often just wants to run, which leaves Imogene screaming because she does NOT want to run.
• Is slowly developing an interest in letters and numbers. I am not pushing this as he loves to learn about so many other things, he will get to reading eventually.
• Whereas Imogene's first phase was "I do it!", Cedar is perfectly happy asking for help for just about anything.
• He is a sweet cuddly kid whose creativity and imagination are so fun to watch.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Imogene • * • 2 yrs

Imogene at 2 years old...
• Loves swimming, jumping, milk, sea creatures, animals, fruit snacks, bugs, swinging, digging, trampolines
• Favorite foods: pizza, mac & cheese, donuts (only with dad), eggs, pb&j
• Hopefully has reached the peak of her clinginess towards me. She likes to grab me and tell Cedar "this is MY mom" and throws a fit if Rob tries to do anything for her.
• And ironically is also super independent... "I do it" She wants us to let her swim on her own in the big pool.
• This girl can throw a tantrum. They usually involve flailing appendages, yelling, flying objects and injuries to her herself or those close by. We realize that to her, everything little thing is a big deal, but throwing a tantrum over who is putting shoes on her before leaving the house can get a little old.
• She has a great smile and laugh.
• She and Cedar are becoming great friends. They are learning how to share and how to play well with each other. They are both so excited to see each other in the mornings and after naps.
• We are working to eliminate biting as a form of communication.
• I can't count the stairs Imogene has fallen down in between her first and second birthdays.
• She loves her stuffed animals and insists on sleeping ON about 12 of them each night.
• Imogene is constantly saying "I'm hungry" or "snack mama" and when I give her options of things to eat or tell her that we are not eating right now she replies by repeating "I'm hungry" until you tell her what she wants to hear.
• And when I give her food she shares it with the dog and immediately asks for more.
• She loves to wrestle with dad and Cedar
• She makes us laugh all the time with her deep voice and 10,000 looks that she can give.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cedar : 3.5

Cedar at 3.5 years old...
• Loves animals, dinosaurs, sea creatures, insects, trucks, cars...
• Is starting to do a great job with independent play and playing pretend. He can make up stories for his trucks out in the dirt for hours. 
• We are so thankful for his two best friends, Toby and Ezra, they are great kids and for the most part they play so well together. It's great to watch him learn about friendships and how to interact well with peers at this age.
• Prefers to play outside with water and dirt.
• Has become more confident and independent in the past few months. It's fun to see him try new things and succeed.
• For the most part he and Imogene are good friends. They usually play well together, although we are working on not hitting each other. They are both so excited to see each other in the morning and after Imogene's nap. I think he is setting a good example for her on how to play well with friends and toys.
• Favorite phrase: "We must get one of those!" when he sees something he wants. I am not sure where he picked up the word "must."
• Everything happened "yesterday", whether it was an hour ago or a year ago.

Friday, April 25, 2014